Sugarrrrrrrrrr….. The introduction.

I think we all know by now that sugar is bad for us. Yes, the addictively enticing and oh so innocent looking white powder that gives us an endorphin rush like nothing else… well ok some other things but this blog isn’t about that. Save that for another week ;). It comes in many disguises…. Some so tantalising its ridiculous- cue the Nutella or white chocolate cronuts I demolished on the Gold Coast after my comp, or sometimes its hidden within seemingly innocuous products like sauces, dressings, muesli bars, yoghurts, cereals, jam, pretty much all processed and packaged foods, plus take aways, juices, and definitely desserts. Hmmm, maybe not so innocuous but rather extensive? So yes, I believe that we all know by now that sugar is bad. But we like to intermittently forget this fact when the tantalising little ball of sugary hell starts calling our name and looking at us with puppy dog eyes.

There will also be endless comments thrown around, or even from you, ranging from ‘I’ll just have one bite’, or ‘what harm will one do’? Or ‘why not, its Friday (or Saturday, or Sunday, or hell, even Monday)’. There will no doubt be enablers around you who don’t want the guilt of eating the sugary evil stuff alone, god forbid, so more comments will follow such as ‘life is too short- eat the donut’, or ‘I cant believe you aren’t going to eat just one, whats wrong with you?’. When what is wrong, is this view of our world and nutrition. Change your mindset and your diet will follow.

I too am a recovering sugar addict (more on this in another blog because mannnnnn I was addicted). Like I think a lot of people are if they truly owned it. It’s also not something that just goes away. It takes a lot of work. There were hard times where I felt like I was coming down after a week of some serious drug taking. There’s been tears. There have been plenty of cave-ins along the way. And millions of times where I had to say no to things that I thought I wanted. But the reward for me now (I mean on top of not having diabetes, obesity, or other metabolic diseases), is that it is EASIER. I have slowly taken away some of the power from the nasty white powder. It doesn’t control my life anymore. Sure, sometimes it calls my name again like that unwanted old lover, but every time I say no I win just that little bit more.

Get your life back peeps! Don’t let ANYTHING control you…. Especially not some chemically refined white substance that is making food companies astronomically rich and robbing you of your well-being in the process. Be better than that!

More tips to follow on how to kick the sugar habit to the curb like a boss 🙂

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