My healthy life in a blog

With so much information out there these days on how to ‘do life right’, I really wanted to do a short uncomplicated blog on what it means to me to be healthy. I actually hope you look at my list and mentally tick them all. The more people that do that the more healthyAF people we have on this planet, and that makes me ridiculously happy 🙂 Let’s cut through the bullshit, and the jargons, and the fads and just have some real talk about overall health.

Of course, this is just my personal opinion, it just also happens to be based upon 12 years experience in the health industry. So here goes…. My simple tips for a healthy and happy life:

  • Go for a morning walk. Don’t underestimate the power of this for your body, mind and soul. And yes, metabolism.
  • Get outdoors. People in Alaska and Russia (pfffft if my blog went viral maybe) will be shaking their beanie-covered heads at me right now, but honestly it is so important! Get outside, get fresh air, see sunlight.
  • Do something every day to get your heart rate up (read into that what you will….). Yes, I am a #ladylifter and my heart and passion lies in weight training. But cardiovascular disease doesn’t care about that. That bitch will knock you down if you’re not careful. So don’t be too cool for cardio. At least walk. Stay fit in general.
  • Nourish your body. Donuts are awesome. Oh hang on I forgot to finish my sentence for a sec… got distracted by my foodcoma thoughts. But living a life full of donuts is bound to make you feel disgusting. Lethargic and disgusting, your body will eventually hate you. It’s not because donuts will make you fat, (although in excess of course they bloody will) it’s because diabetes and heart disease are real.
  • Eat a well balanced diet. I don’t think there are any real secrets here. Deep down we all know what this means but some of us like to believe the diet industry and all the marketing ploys because that means we can keep eating shit that we’re addicted to. No….. If your diet consists mainly of bread, cereals, muesli bars, sugary yoghurt and lean cuisines then we have to talk. Stat. Put down this blog and email me.
  • Don’t smoke. Enough said.
  • Have a few alcohol free days per week. Its not good to be addicted to anything. Go some days without alcohol. Do the same with coffee. And chocolate. Or whatever your poison is.
  • Get enough sleep (yes, I’m childfree so I can say this with ignorance).
  • Hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. Human contact…. Cant beat it.
  • Put your phone down (after you’ve read this blog and bought my products of course) and read a book. The old fashioned way- with pages and shit.
  • Breathe in the salt air. I love the beach. Beach is life.
  • Play with dogs or children. That shit keeps you young.
  • Be real. Pretending is unhealthy.

Misty Alana xx

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