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Misty Alana Body Fit is a boutique Health and Personal Training service based in Perth, Australia which provides a personal and supportive approach for people worldwide to reach their fitness goals.

Regardless of your specific goals (fat loss, strength gains, definition), Misty has the expertise to guide you and motivate you towards your goals. Misty Alana Body Fit caters for online and local clients with individualised targeted training and nutrition programs, as well as personal online coaching and full online access to Misty to help you stay on track consistently. Do you need help establishing a program that is right for YOU? Do you need someone you can check in with 24/7 with any burning questions, uncertainties, or to help hold you accountable for your training and nutrition? Enquire today to join Misty’s intimate team (providing quality service over quantity is dear to Misty’s heart). Don’t be just a number, be a part of Misty Alana Body Fit’s #fitfam.

Misty Alana Body Fit also provides an exceptional personal training service for local clients within Perth. Train with Misty and learn how to get the most out of your training, learn how to activate the right muscles, improve on your weaknesses and train smarter for bigger results. If you are investing time, effort and money into your training then don’t cheat yourself out of results. Learn a new way of training with Misty today!

NO fad diets, no endless cardio, or cutting food groups…. You will never find ‘Skinny Tea’ on any of Misty’s programs! With Misty you will learn how to eat to nourish your body, and how to train strategically to get the best possible results for YOU. It is possible, it is achievable, and most important of all- it is sustainable. A healthier, happier, fitter you! Join Misty’s boutique team today and receive a personalised service like no other. This is for you….

You’ve got this!

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  • Misty's nutrition plans 100% work and the results are amazing. 3kgs out of my stubborn last 6kgs post baby weight gone! The real win however is the invaluable nutrition lessons- carb cycling, portion control, and getting rid of the sugar cravings. Misty takes into consideration your goals, your dietary restrictions ...

    Asha Harrison


    Perth AUS

  • I've been into my fitness and working hard on my training for awhile now, however i got to the point where i needed that extra push! I have been following Misty on instagram for awhile and also admired her training and body. The knowledge I missed out on before getting ...

    Laura Waddell


    Perth AUS

  • I've been following Misty's nutrition and training program for only a few weeks and I am loving the results so far! I have more energy than ever!

    Casey Harris


    Busselton AUS

  • I have been working with Misty for two weeks now and have noticed a massive change to my health, energy levels, and of course the numbers on the scale drop! Email for a new you in the new year 🙂

    Maria Moore


    Perth AUS

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